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The Essential Guide to Special Education in Ireland

 The Essential Guide to Special Education in Ireland  The Essential Guide to Special Education in Ireland is the first book to provide an overview of Special Education in Ireland. It is written for parents and teachers who are involved with children who have learning difficulties, across the spectrum from dyslexia to autism. The international trend towards teaching these children in mainstream schools (as opposed to Special Schools) is being implemented in Ireland over the past ten years and this has serious implications for everyone. The book describes how the entire process works, from identifying the initial signs of a learning difficulty through the assessment process and on to the formulation of the all-important 'Individual Education Plan.
"David is a recognised and respected expert in special educational needs. We welcome the publication of this book which will be of great benefit to parents.”

Fionnuala Kilfeather, Chief Executive, National Parents Council-Primary

“This book’s accessible style and presentation of necessary information makes it a must, not only for parents of children with special education needs, but for all teachers too.”

Brian Tubbert, Head of Education, Froebel College of Education, Dublin

“This book is much more than a trawl through relevant legislation. In a clearly written and consumer friendly layout, the author provides a compass to steer one through the new world of special education in Ireland.” Patrick O’Keefe, retired principal, St. Francis School for Children with Mild and Moderate General Learning Disabilities, Portlaoise, Co. Laoise.

“Teaching Children with Autism in Mainstream Schools: A Practical Guide” will be published in 2010.

Autism in the Mainstream Classroom: A Practical Guide David J. Carey, Psy.D.

David J. Carey is the author of “The Essential Guide to Special Education in Ireland”. In this book he presents a user-friendly guide to educating children on the autistic spectrum in mainstream primary and secondary schools. Children on the spectrum are being included in mainstream education in increasing numbers. They bring both challenges and opportunities to both school and teachers. The challenges come in the form of out limited understanding of autism, how the mind of a child with autism works, the impact it has on the child’s education and in understanding the behavioural profile of these children.

The opportunities come from the fact that once we implement even the most basic strategies and changes for children with autism we have improved the educational environment for all children.

It can be said with confidence that what is good for children on the spectrum is good for all children, getting it right for one means getting it better for all. This book is written with the mainstream primary and secondary school teacher in mind. It is also written with parents in mind.

There are no more important people in the lives of children on the autistic spectrum than the parents. Working cooperatively with parents is essential in the successful education of children with autism. This practical guide will be an accessible, easy to understand book that presents the basic in uncomplicated language





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Presentation to the National Parent's Council-Primary Special Education Group about Transition Planning
(pdf) Slides from a recent Presentation Dr Carey gave to the National Parent's Council

Overview of the Autistic Spectrum Disorders and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
This will be a useful introduction to parents, siblings and teachers
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